Do you have:

  1. 20 min

  2. 45 min

  3. 1 hour?

I have three different class going on for you to join!

  • 3 week YouTube Subscription

  • For one month--Give me 45 Minutes first thing in the am for a iittle HIIT, Mat, and Barre

  • Going Forward--Give me an hour, and let's do an all levels mat class.

 Join Me Live or Get The Recording Later

  • Pilates Boot Camp

  •  Sunday AM Mat Class (in person, or Zoom)

  • Thursday Noon Mat Class (in person or Zoom)

  • YouTube Subscription


Pilates Boot Camp

7am-745am CST

Join me live, or have me send you the link for you to do on your time!

Sunday Mat Class--10-11am CST or

Thursday Mat Class--12-1pm CST

All mat, all body, all good! In Person at NEFitness and on Zoom



I’m a Pilates Instructor certified through Balanced Body. I have a passion for discovering and sharing the complexities of the body with others to help them unlock their potential for increased flexibility, toning and core strength through safe, yet challenging, individual or group workouts.


 Also as a certified health coach, while you’re working with me to perfect, lengthen and work on the new you, you can ask me about how much protein to eat, and when, why carbs are not your enemy, and how much water you SHOULD be drinking.


 Come join me live for my  online classes! Start your day with a kickass morning workout from 7:00-745am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Can't make that time? No worries I will send you the Zoom Link, and you do it on your time frame!


On Sundays 10-11am) or Thursdays (12-1pm) join me at NE Fitness or via ZOOM for a Mat Class. That hour we will work your whole body! I will show different levels for each movement, because some days we can run a marathon and some days walking to grab milk at the store feels like work.

  • Warm-up

  • 3 rounds of HIIT-like energy (Boot Camp)-1 minute

  • A Pilates mat class working your abs, a$$ and arms

  • Some barre technique

  • Light weights

  • WiFi 

  • A mat/towel

  • A chair

  • Light weights (it can be as simple as soup cans)

  • A Band

  • Something to Glide On




I believe that safe effective workouts can show results, as long as you show up for the work. I’ve been told I am a hard teacher, but I believe people like to feel that they truly got the most out of their workout. You only need to do 10 of each movement correctly to feel the effects, and while I cannot promise that you will wake up and look like Elle McPhearson, I can promise that you will feel different, have more energy, and look forward to the longer warmer days ahead. 


  • Can't get to the gym

  • Are fiercely independent

  • Don’t want to have to travel too far for their workout (or want to stay home altogether)

  • Want a workout that is effective, and safe


  • Have had surgery in the past 8 weeks

  • Have severe knee/back/hip pain and need to see a Doctor first.

  • Won’t do the work

  • Have no patience to or kindness for themselves

Pilates BootCamp  $225.00

  • 4  Classes  a week at 45 Minutes Each

  • For an Additional $50.00 add the Sunday 10am Mat Class-In Person or ZOOM.

  • Spotify Playlist: For your future workout needs

  • Spend an extra $35 to receive a potTEEmouth t-shirt of your choice

  • Spend an extra $75 and get the YouTube Subscription.

Sunday/Thursday Mat Class 

  • Please go to Online Classes on the services page to buy per class or receive a discounted package. 

  • Up to 20% discount for a 12 class package.


 Installments/Drop In and 2 Day Boot Camp

  • Pay in two Installments of $113.00

  • Pay $25.00 for a drop in

  • Pay $150..00 for two days (Tue/Thu)

        3 week YouTube Subscription.

  • For $55.00 Get A Three Week Subscription to Select Pass Boot Camp Classes

Contact me @, I’m happy to help with any questions or concerns!


Payments are required prior to beginning classes and are easily done online.