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Who Am I? Clare!

Hi! Clare here.. Who am I, why should you work with me? Well, I am I am tough, but compassionate, i have been told I am funny, and I can do almost any accent. So I put this all together, and founded and own The Definery, a personalized coaching program that empowers clients to achieve their health and wellness goals while creating a more balanced lifestyle.


I am a graduate of the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (AADP), and have my Master's in Human Development with a focus in Wellness management. I am  passionate about wellness coaching, daily movement and inspirational advice for people seeking the best version of themselves.

I am also certified Pilates Instructor with Paragon through Balanced Body. Through Pilates, I  help my clients discover and appreciate their body's unique complexities and unlock their potential for increased flexibility, toning and core strength through safe, yet challenging, individual or group workouts. 

Look, Getting healthy does not have to suck, or hurt (although, I have been told I am a tough Pialtes coach, but we want to feel like we worked, am I right?), but it is hard to make change alone. I get it, and I want to help. We will laugh, cry, and transform. Change is good and it is possible

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