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To receive the full discount one must buy the package upfront.


Any divided/payment plan for packages will be done so at full hour cost.


I must receive a 24hr notice of cancellation or the session will be marked as complete and no reschedule will be allowed.


Rescheduling must be done in the week of cancellation, unless other dates have been discussed. If you cannot make that time the sessions will be marked as complete and a new hourly session may be purchased.


One session per package will be allowed to be added on the back end of the session.


All services must be purchased in advanced. Any sessions done before payment will result in a 10% surcharge of the hour(s).


Any unpaid invoices or special packages (e.g. boot camp special) will result in 10% surcharge weekly after due date.


 All Packages do expire after said time of purchase, unless specified by The Definery.

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