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Peri Class: Understanding You and Perimenopause

Join Ashley Blaine and myself for a 45 min webinar  CST via ZOOM to learn about our workshops on your body and perimenopause. 80% of women have symptoms, and none are exactly the same journey. We are here to help you with the symptoms you may have now, are starting to experience, or maybe you are curious about what is to come. 

Then come join the workshop! 2 hours of tips, ideas, strategies, and a little movement!

High Five

Should I be moving more, less?

What works, what doesn't?

What if I am to tired or sore?


What: Workshop

When: CST

Where: Zoom

Who: Ashley Blaine and Clare Riordan


We want to help, and one of us is there 


Eastern Philosophies

Western medication.

How can they work together?


  • Hot flashes: Why they happen, and what you can do.

  • Sleep: how to prepare for a good night, and some tips for when you wake up.

  • Movement: Some of the best moves to keep you limber, toned, and energized.

  • Mental health: How we treat ourselves as we navigate this change.

  • Sex / other hormonal changes: Why does this happen, and how to decide on Eastern and/or Western medicine.

People kissing by a lake

I miss my libido. 

Sex is painful

My emotions are all over the map

Wooden Flower Vase

I want to feel better again.

I want to talk about this

I want hear others talk about this

I don't want to feel like I am disappearing

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